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time to tip the scales

im-not-even-gomen said: happy birthday! c:

Thank you! uvu/

this is the best way to celebrate for a birthday!

happy birthday!! hope you have a wonderful day! uvu/

Thank you so much! That’s really nice of you to say thank you! c:


the-ultimate-sun-d said: Omg loo kat these nerds

who you callin’ a nerd B)

egdweeb said: happy birthday!!! uwu

schoolboycool said: happy birthday!

justanewworldfool said: happy birthday!

robomegido said: aaaaaa happy birthday!!!!

minishcap said: happy birth!!

Thank you so much you guys! <33 thank you! c:

happy birthday! :)

Thank you! uvu

Happy birthday! (^∇^)

Thanks darling, but you are literally right next to me

We’re literally cuddling right now. You didn’t have to send it on tumblr

it’s fine, it’s cute though <3

It’s my birthday! uvu

My birthday is tomorrow~! 

Xenologue: Hot Spring Scramble DLC

Summer Scramble


art block blocking everything

『persona q』4th pv